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The Digitization of Scholarly Communication: Discourse and Practices, Measurements and Identity Formation
DZHW-Research Group „Tenure Track“
DZHW Scientists Surveys – a barometer for the academic world
Akademische Redefreiheit (AkaReF)
Conditions for the use of survey- and process-based data in higher education development (NuDHe)
Bibliometrisches Monitoring für das DZNE
German Participation in the EU Framework Programme and Current Trends in European Research and Innovation Funding (H2020)
Discipline-based knowledge transfer practices: expectations, practices, and effects of knowledge transfer in a cross-disciplinary perspective (DiTraP)
Office of the Commission for Research Information in Germany
Innovation via Open Access? A study on the effects of the policy-supported open access transformation in national innovation processes (INNOA)
Capacities and competencies in dealing with hate speech and hostility to science (CAPAZ)
Comparative Analysis and Curation of German Metadata in Open Bibliometric Data (OPENBIB)
Competence Network for Bibliometrics
Junior research group: Open science
National Academics Panel Study (NACAPS)



Clemens Blümel
Clemens Blümel Acting Head +49 30 2064177-31
Stephan Stahlschmidt
Dr. Stephan Stahlschmidt Acting Head +49 30 2064177-18
Peter van den Besselaar
Prof. Dr. Peter van den Besselaar Acting Head +49 30 2064177-0
Guido Speiser
Dr. Guido Speiser Deputy Head +49 30 2064177-24


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