Data protection

A high level of data protection:
Your data are safe with us

Collecting, processing and use of personal data in the DZHW's research

When the DZHW collects personal data, either alone or in collaboration with partners in the course of survey projects, this is solely for internal official purposes. The data collected are all ring-fenced for the purpose defined in the information given to respondents when they are asked to submit their data to the project. If the project plan entails passing on the data to third parties, the DZHW commits itself to informing respondents of this in advance.

For data collected within DZHW survey projects, the following principle applies: personal identification data (name, address, email) are separated from the other survey data immediately on receipt by the DZHW. Address data are permanently deleted as soon as they are no longer required (usually after the final survey has been carried out).

Respondents to DZHW surveys are selected by a random procedure; participation is always voluntary. The surveys are often carried out anonymously, so that we deliberately avoid recording name and address data. If the project is designed to entail repeated surveys of the same respondents, they are always informed of this fact and requested to agree to give their address data, exclusively for use for the defined purpose as explained.

As a matter of course, all information related to DZHW surveys is evaluated in compliance with applicable data protection regulations and in relation to purely scientific aspects. Findings are published in such a way that it is not possible to draw conclusions about individual respondents from them.

The survey data are also made available to the wider scientific community in anonymised form via the research data centre. Anonymised data are only passed on to designated scientific institutions. Data are never passed on for any purpose other than purely scientific purposes.

The DZHW implements technological and organisational security measures to protect the personal data entrusted to it from misuse. For example, data collected in the course of a DZHW survey project are processed in an internal network that is physically separate from the internet. Within the DZHW, only those staff appointed to implement a project have access to the data for that project. We constantly update our security measures in line with technological developments.

We will inform you on request in compliance with the applicable legal stipulations whether, and if so which, of your personal data are stored in our database.

Collecting and processing personal data on the DZHW website

Your personal data are only collected on visiting our website if you make them available to us, for example on registration or in the context of one of our online survey projects. In these cases, the information is encrypted before it is transferred, to prevent misuse of the data by third parties.

Other personal data accumulated in the scope of other services provided by the DZHW on its website are collected, processed and used exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling the contract and to protect our own justified business interests, in accordance with the applicable regulations for the protection of such data. You can find out more here in our data protection statement.


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