Data protection statement

Every time a user accesses the DZHW's internet site or views a file on the website, individual data about this process are temporarily saved and processed in various protocol files in different quantities. The following data relating to each access/view process are saved:

  • Date and time
  • IP address (anonymised for Piwik evaluations)
  • The document currently being viewed
  • The document previously viewed if applicable
  • The amount of data transferred
  • HTTP status code

The data are stored for a limited time for statistical purposes and to protect the technological infrastructure and then deleted. In individual cases, a link to a person could be constructed by putting together the different protocol files; however, this data combination does not occur unless there are actual indications of interference in the orderly operation of the website or of misuse of data. The data are never used for other purposes and never passed on to third parties.

In the case of certain functions on our websites (for example, unsuccessful log-in) the data use is temporarily saved in the protocol to prevent misuse of our website provision.

Cookies are used solely to provide statistical evaluations, or in the case of questionnaire pages, to differentiate between individual users. They are not used for identification purposes.


Martin Fuchs
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