Ethics Committee

In the implementation of the research projects and empirical studies of the DZHW, as well as in the handling of the data collected in the process, it is important to protect the dignity and rights of the study participants in every phase of the research process. The principles of research ethics are outlined in our Code of Ethics and serve as a guideline for the evaluation of ethical aspects of research projects at the DZHW.

Our role is to advise researchers in cases of uncertainty and to ensure that the code of ethics is adhered to in each project. We check in a formal application procedure whether sufficient precautions have been taken to minimize risks to which study participants could be exposed. In doing so, we weigh whether there is an appropriate relationship between the expected benefits and the risks triggered by the research project. How an application and the assessment process work, can be found in the application documents linked below.

Members of the committee

Code of Ethics and Statutes of the Ethics Committee


Application documents