Referral of experts

Our researchers are available for interviews, background discussions, and academic comments. Let us help you to find the right expert at DZHW.

The four different research departments offer information on topics including:

Research Area 1

  • Basic trends in higher education
  • Social inequality in higher education
  • Social and economic situation of students in Germany
  • Students and graduates from a comparative European perspective
  • Transition to higher education, educational pathways in higher education and comparison of graduates
  • Dropping out of higher education
  • Academic careers, PhD students and PhDs
  • International mobility
  • Returns to education

Research Area 2

  • Research indicators
  • Reasearch monitoring and programme evaluation
  • Research funding and financing
  • Bibliometry and analyses of the publication system
  • Assessment processes, peer reviewing and evaluation
  • Open Science and digital transformation
  • Scientific careers and recruitment of professors
  • Transfer of scientific knowledge
  • Epistemic structures and dynamics
  • Systems and standards of research information

Research Area 3

  • Governance in higher education
  • Organisational structures of universities
  • Academic staff structures
  • Research collaborations
  • University controlling and indicator systems
  • Continuing higher education
  • Internationalisation in higher education
  • Performance evaluation in higher education
  • Student financing
  • Qualitative methods in research on higher education

Research Area 4

  • Relational database systems
  • Web-based scalable information systems
  • Research data infrastructure
  • Metadata management
  • Data portals
  • Reporting and decision systems
  • Survey software
  • Visualisation of data
  • Campus and Scientific Use Files (CUF/SUF)
  • Artificial intelligence for analyses and usability


Filiz Gülal
Dr. Filiz Gülal +49 511 450670-939