The German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) carries out application-oriented empirical research in the field of higher education research and science studies. DZHW also provides research-based services for policy-makers in higher education and science. Another of its tasks is to provide research infrastructure for national and international higher education research and science studies. DZHW is committed to politically independent research of excellent quality. Its research work and service provision are organised by topic and content into four research areas. It also contains several research clusters that work on cross-departmental focus topics.

Recent Projects


Forschungscluster: Open Science

Der Begriff der Offenen Wissenschaft (Open Science) prägt aktuell viele wissenschaftliche und wissenschaftspolitische Debatten. Open Science ist eine Bewegung aus verschiedenen Initiativen, die...

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Studying in Germany in Corona Times

In der Befragung "Studieren in Deutschland zu Zeiten der Corona-Pandemie" werden die verschiedenen Auswirkungen der Corona-Pandemie auf Studierende an deutschen Hochschulen untersucht und ein...

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Studying in Germany in Corona Times
Subjective and objective professional success of PhD holders in Germany
Developing a classification of interdisciplinary research fields for the „Research Core Dataset“
Motives, Opportunities, Limits and Requirements for the Archiving and Secondary Use of Different Data Types in Higher Education and Science Studies (MoGAADat)
Phoenix - Authorship revised
HEADS - Higher Education Analytical Data System
Q-CoFa – Quality in Core Facilities
Wissenschaft weltoffen 2020-2022 - dates and facts on the international nature of studies and research in Germany
Monitoring Appointment Procedures
A critical evaluation of the BIH Charité (Junior) Clinician Scientist Program
Indicators, Measurement and the Perfomance of Quality Assurance: “Third-Mission” Activities in the Social Sciences and Humanities (IMPaQT)
Domain Data Protocols for Empirical Educational Research
Junior Research Group: Mobility of the Highly Skilled
Determinants and effects of cooperation in homogeneous and heterogeneous research clusters (DEKiF)


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