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Flyer profpanel

Scientific Careers in Transition
DZHW Professors Panel
Published in April 2024

Flyer profpanel Printable Version

Scientific Careers in Transition
DZHW Professors Panel
Printable Version
Published in April 2024

Nacaps National Academics Panel Study

Published in November 2022

Flyer DZHW Research Data Centre

Published in August 2022

Flyer DZHW

Published in July 2018

Image pool

To download images from the DZHW image pool, please click on the picture you want. The image opens in a separate window. Right-click on the image and select "image/graphic save as". All images are 10x15 cm at 300 dpi resolution, unless otherwise stated.


Prof. Dr. Monika Jungbauer-Gans
Scientific Director

Download (JPEG, 2,23MB)

DZHW Gebäude Außenansicht

Mendini Building, exterior view 1

Download (JPEG, 0,96MB)

DZHW Gebäude Mendini Innenansicht

Mendini Building, exterior view 2

Download (JPEG, 1,65MB)


Filiz Gülal
Dr. Filiz Gülal +49 511 450670-939