The German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) carries out application-oriented empirical research in the field of higher education research and science studies. DZHW also provides research-based services for policy-makers in higher education and science. Another of its tasks is to provide research infrastructure for national and international higher education research and science studies. DZHW is committed to politically independent research of excellent quality. Its research work and service provision are organised by topic and content into four research areas. It also contains several research clusters that work on cross-departmental focus topics.

Recent Projects


Junior research group: Open science

One vision of open science is to increase the quality and efficiency of scientific research by making research data, computer code and other resources created in the research process, publicly...

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Permeability between university and vocational education and training

The ongoing discourse about permeability between university and vocational education so far has barely addressed central questions with regard to continuing...

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