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of all students work alongside their studies.

22nd Social Survey 2023

German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies

The German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) carries out application-oriented empirical research. Our work focuses on two main fields: research on higher education, including analyses of students' and graduates' experiences, issues relating to life-long learning, steering and funding, and research into the scientific world and academic organisations. The Centre sees itself as part of the scientific community and is a service provider for higher education institutions and policy-makers.




Well-Being in Academia

Providing a healthy work- and study environment has attracted increasing attention at universities, non-university research institutions, and higher education research. In ...

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HEADS – Higher Education Analytical Data System

Was ist HEADS? HEADS ist ein nachhaltiges, flexibles und ausbaufähiges digitales Berichtssystem, das die ...

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Call for Papers: 6th Forum “Higher Education and the Labour Market” (HELM)

of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) and the German Centre for Higher Education Research and ...

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Steigender Anteil von Studierenden mit studienerschwerender Beeinträchtigung

Immer mehr Studierende in Deutschland berichten gesundheitliche Beeinträchtigungen, die das Studium für sie erschweren. ...

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Studying with a Health Impairment in Germany (best3)

The report Studying with a Health Impairment (best3) has been published.

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Call for Papers: Mobile Apps and Sensors in Surveys (MASS) Workshop

Hannover, Washington 24.10.2023. Mobile Endgeräte, wie Smartphones, ermöglichen es Forschenden, Daten durch ...

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2023-Dec-11 | DZHW Brief

Blümel, C., & Vögtle, E. M.

Quo Vadis Science Diplomacy – Wissenschaftsmobilität und -kooperation nach der Zeitenwende

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2024-Feb-27 | Publication

Abbas, M. N., Attea, B. A., Broneske, D., & Saake, G.

An evolutionary algorithm with heuristic operator for detecting protein complexes in protein interaction networks with negative controls


2024-Feb-26 | Publication

Kleimann, B., & Ashour, S.

Private higher education: a comparative study of Germany and the United Arab Emirates


2023-Dec-05 | DZHW Brief

Hückstädt, M.

Forschung im Team: Kooperationsvorhaben erfolgreich meistern

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2024-Feb-19 | Publication

Avetisyan, H., Safikhani, P., & Broneske, D.

Framing and BERTology: A data-centric approach to integration of linguistic features into transformer-based pre-trained language models


2024-Feb-22 | Publication

Hesselmann, F.

Kein Gott, kein Staat, kein Klassikerdiktat! Plädoyer für eine andere Soziologiegeschichte



2024-Mar-06 - 2024-Mar-07


5th Mobile Apps and Sensors in Surveys (MASS) Workshop

Washington, DC (USA)

Call for Papers

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Studienabbrüche verstehen: Die Auswirkungen institutioneller Faktoren auf Studienverläufe



2024-Feb-26  04:15-05:30
Research symposium DZHW Hannover

Zum Nutzen quantitativ-empirischer Methoden für die Wissenschaftsphilosophie

Prof. Dr. Catherine Herfeld (Institut für Philosophie, LUH)


2024-Jun-19 - 2023-Jun-20

IAB & DZHW HELM Conference

6th Forum "Higher Education and the Labour Market" (HELM)

Leibnizhaus, Holzmarkt 4-6, Hannover, Germany

Call for Papers

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Start of the project: 2024-Feb-01

Explanations for the declining rate of German students temporarily studying abroad (ERRASTUD)

Despite numerous political initiatives to increase international student mobility and despite the benefits of...

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Start of the project: 2024-Jan-01

Appointment law and practice in a German federal states comparison (BuBiL)

Securing and expanding university autonomy is one of the core demands that Berlin's universities repeatedly make to the Berlin Senate Administration....

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Start of the project: 2023-Dec-15

Akademische Redefreiheit (AkaReF)

Under keywords such as "threat to (academic) freedom of speech", "cancel culture" or "new sensitivity" towards other positions, there has been increasing discussion in recent years about the state...

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Start of the project: 2023-Dec-01

CS3 Lab for Computational Survey and Social Science

CS3 lab for Computational Survey and Social Science is an interdisciplinary group of researchers from various fields assembling expert knowledge in survey...

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Start of the project: 2023-Nov-01

Students at private higher education institutions as a blind spot in higher education research

Higher education in Germany is becoming increasingly privatised. More and more first-year students are opting to...

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Start of the project: 2023-Sept-01

Open Access to German Constitution

In the OZUG project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the body of knowledge on the Grundgesetz (the german constitution), the most important body of standards in...

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