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of students state that they enjoy studying at their university.

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German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies

The German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) carries out application-oriented empirical research. Our work focuses on two main fields: research on higher education, including analyses of students' and graduates' experiences, issues relating to life-long learning, steering and funding, and research into the scientific world and academic organisations. The Centre sees itself as part of the scientific community and is a service provider for higher education institutions and policy-makers.



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Jeder vierte Studierende leidet unter starkem Stress - besonders Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaftler sind psychisch belastet

Neuer Lebensabschnitt, Prüfungsdruck, ...

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Neue Website der Studienberechtigtenbefragung online

Die Längsschnittstudie erforscht seit mehr als 40 Jahren den Übergang von der Schule in eine Qualifikation und ...

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Call for application! Master in Research and Innovation in Higher Education (MARIHE)

The application period for MARIHE programme for student intake in 2019 is now open. Deadline for ...

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09-Oct-2018 | DZHW Brief

In der Smitten, S.

Wie unterscheidet sich die Hochschulsteuerung in den Bundesländern?

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16-Jan-2019 | Publication

Berg, J.

A work in progress: support for refugees on their way to German higher education


15-Jan-2019 | Presentation

Buchholz, S., Dölle, F., & Heißenberg, S.

Zur Bedeutung privater Hochschulen in Deutschland


10-Jul-2018 | Forum Hochschule

Jenkner, P., Deuse, C., Dölle, F., Funke, J., Sanders, S., Winkelmann, G.

Ausstattungs-, Kosten- und Leistungsvergleich Universitäten 2016


10-Jan-2019 | Publication

Gottburgsen, A., & Willige, J.

Mehr Mobilitätserfahrungen durch digitale Medien? Zu den Effekten von studentischer Diversität und Lernumweltsmerkmalen auf die internationale Mobilität


10-Jan-2019 | Publication

Brünjes, J., Schröder, S., & Völk, D.

Wer studiert in berufsbegleitenden Studiengängen? Soziodemografische Merkmale, Bildungsherkunft und Bildungswege von Studierenden in berufsbegleitenden ...

doi: 10.3278/6004655w


16-May-2019 - 17-May-2019

1st International DZHW Data User Conference

Leibnizhaus, Hannover

The conference will be entitled "Dynamics in the Student and Academic Life Course" and will provide an opportunity to present and discuss research findings dealing with student and academic life courses from a longitudinal perspective. Contributions based on DZHW data are particularly welcome, but users of other data are also explicitly invited to submit contributions. The Call for Papers is open until 31 October 2018.

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12-Nov-2018  14:00

Multi-actor Corporatist Governance in Higher Education: Comparing ...

Prof. Dr. Lukas Graf (Hertie School of Governance Berlin)

DZHW Research symposium, Hannover

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13-Nov-2018  10:30

Personalentwicklung, Karriereberatung und Forschungsförderung am WZB

Dr. Anja Oppermann (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB))

DZHW Research symposium, Berlin

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The seventh round of the EUROSTUDENT project started in June 2018. EUROSTUDENT is an international survey project collecting data on the social and economic conditions of ...

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Start of the project: 01-Nov-2018

Sectoral and Institutional Nowcast for Bibliometric Impact Indicators (SINBRI)

As citations are accumulated over time, there is a delayed reception of recently-published material into the science system. Using ...

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Start of the project: 01-Aug-2018

Junior research group: Open science

One of Open Science’s visions is to increase the quality and efficiency of scientific research by making research data, computer code, and other resources created in ...

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Start of the project: 01-Jul-2018

Permeability between university and vocational education and training

The ongoing discourse about permeability between university and vocational education so far has barely addressed central questions with ...

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Start of the project: 01-Jun-2018

The Network of International Student Mobility

Promoting transnational student mobility is high on national and European educational agendas. Many previous studies on this topic focus ...

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