Innovation via Open Access? A study on the effects of the policy-supported open access transformation in national innovation processes (INNOA)

Start of the project: 2023-Sept-01 - End of the project: 2026-Apr-30

In line with the Open Science approach, the INNOA project focuses on the exchange between the science system and the economic system. Scientific knowledge is often a central factor in private-sector innovation processes and thus also in economic development and social prosperity. The Open Science approach, understood as open towards all stakeholders, therefore also constitutes a driver of innovation and economic growth. The approach not only contributes to the efficiency of science system, but also supports economic innovation processes through transparency.

The INNOA project therefore examines Open Access (OA) initiated knowledge transfer as a responsive OA environment in order to also identify productive political framework conditions to support this transfer. Accordingly, the project first undertakes an analysis of the national implementation of the OA transformation using bibliometric data and then links the differences found by means of interviews with three national case studies on the political steering of the transformation. Subsequently, knowledge transfer is investigated using panel models to link the measured OA publications and innovation indicators at the macro level of individual OECD countries and the results are then validated using transfer artefacts at the micro level of individual OA publications.

Contact person

Stephan Stahlschmidt
Dr. Stephan Stahlschmidt +49 30 2064177-18


Clemens Blümel Roberto Cruz Romero

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Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung