Research Infrastructure and Methods

The Research Infrastructure and Methods research area provides services in the field of higher education research and science studies, as well as supplying research infrastructure for primary and secondary research.
We offer consultation and support for primary researchers in the areas of drawing samples, collecting and verifying data, and weighting. With the Zofar online survey system, the research area also has its own platform for online surveys which we develop further in line with researchers' requirements.
Structure data from different sources in the fields of education and research are collocated and made available for secondary research using the BMBF data portal, DASTAT, FOSTAT, ICEland and ICE of Lower Saxony information systems.
To achieve efficient provision and high-quality documentation of microdata, the Research Data Centre for higher education research and science studies (FDZ-DZHW) was developed with the aim of documenting and making available microdata from the DZHW's own survey series (e.g. Graduate Survey, Social Survey) and if applicable, external DZHW projects in the research field.

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David Broneske
Dr. David Broneske Acting Head +49 511 450670-454
Karsten Stephan
Dr. Karsten Stephan Deputy Head +49 511 450670-415


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