ICEwwo: Information system for the Wissenschaft weltoffen data report

Start of the project: 01-Dec-2001

ICEwwo is a databank installation for the Wissenschaft weltoffen project which provides extensive statistical data sets on the international nature of studies and research in Germany. It covers the fields of students, first-year students and graduates as well as researchers’ mobility.

The research area “Research Infrastructure and Methods” operates ICEwwo on behalf of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The data forms the basis for the annual publication "Wissenschaft weltoffen", issued jointly by the DAAD and DZHW. In addition to the publication, extended tables are published on the website Unlike the other ICE systems, external users currently still have no direct access to the databases, but individual evaluations for interested persons are available.

The ICE database is updated annually through the acquisition of new data sets from the German Federal Statistical Office’s student statistics and with data from our own surveys for the Wissenschaft weltoffen project. Hardware and software are regularly adjusted to current requirements; users are also offered support with statistical and technical issues. We plan to extend the data holdings through the acquisition of historical and international data, as well as the inclusion of additional topics.

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Hans Dicken
Hans Dicken +49 511 450670-412


Martin Fuchs

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