Student Life Cycle Panel (SLC)

Start of the project: 01-Jan-2021

The Student Life Cycle Panel (SLC) accompanies school leavers with a higher education entrance certificate and university graduates on their way into the labour market in order to draw a comprehensive picture of educational decisions and courses, as well as labour market transitions, trajectories and educational returns.

The data obtained by the SLC not only make a contribution to education monitoring but also open up new analytical potential for education and labour market research. For example, besides students and university graduates persons without an academic degree will also be available as a comparison group and international and non-traditional students will be considered as further participant groups of higher education.

The SLC will also be internationally compatible. The SLC graduate sample is to play a central role in a planned European comparative graduate study, thereby strengthening the perception of German higher education and science research in the (international) scientific community.

Every four years, a new cycle consisting of a cohort of school leavers with a higher education entrance certificate and a cohort of university graduates is started. The participants of the study are surveyed at least every two years. The first cycle consists of school leavers of the 2021/2022 graduation year together with the university graduates of the 2025 examination year. The SLC is thus also continuing the well-known and tried-and-tested surveys of the “Panel Study of School Leavers with a Higher Education Entrance Qualification” and the “Graduate Panel” under a new roof.

Further information on the SLC in German language can be found here.

Lead Researcher

Johann Carstensen
Dr. Johann Carstensen Lead Researcher +49 511 450670-914
Heike Spangenberg
Dr. Heike Spangenberg Lead Researcher +49 511 450670-151


Verena Jahn
Verena Jahn +49 511 450670-143
Heike Naumann
Heike Naumann +49 511 450670-120


Thorsten Euler Alice Fölker Dennis Föste-Eggers Barbara Franke Regina Jusri Sebastian Lang Hanna Mentges David Ohlendorf Heiko Quast Laura Isabel Schoger

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Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung