Determinants and effects of cooperation in homogeneous and heterogeneous research clusters

Start of the project: 01-Feb-2019 - End of the project: 31-Jan-2022

Research in homogeneous and heterogeneous collaboration contexts is becoming increasingly important. Cooperations offer great potential through the combination of competencies, perspectives, experiences, resources, and personalities. But there are also various obstacles to fruitful cooperation. As part of the DEKiF joint project, the determinants and effects of cooperation problems in homogeneous and heterogeneous research clusters are examined and proposals for solving cooperation problems are derived. The following questions are dealt with individually:

  • Which internal cooperation problems occur in research clusters?
  • Which causes of cooperation problems are traceable?
  • Which framework conditions influence the intensity of the cooperation problem?
  • Which solution routines do research clusters use to solve cooperation problems?
  • What impact do cooperation problems have on the success and productivity of research clusters?

The study follows a mixed methods design: It consists of an explorative case study, a quantitative survey, bibliometric analyses, and an in-depth case studies in various fields of study.

The project DEKiF is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) until 2022. The implementation is carried out in cooperation with DZHW (research areas "Governance in Higher Education and Science" and "Research System and Dynamics of Science"), the University of Düsseldorf (Prof. Dr. Gerhard Vowe), and the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Dr. Mathias Winde).

Lead Researcher

Laura Behrmann
Laura Behrmann Lead Researcher +49 511 450670-302
Stefan Hornbostel
Prof. Dr. Stefan Hornbostel Lead Researcher +49 30 2064177-0
Monika Jungbauer-Gans
Prof. Dr. Monika Jungbauer-Gans Lead Researcher +49 511 450670-910
Bernd Kleimann
PD Dr. Bernd Kleimann Lead Researcher +49 511 450670-363
Martin Reinhart
Prof. Dr. Martin Reinhart Lead Researcher +49 30 2093666-15


Dr. Aliakbar Akbaritabar Malte Hückstädt Janina Kopp Felix Niggemann

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Daniel Matthes
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Bundeministerium für Bildung und Forschung

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