International Academics at German Universities: From Postdoc to Professorship (InWiDeHo)

An Analysis of Challenges and Success Factors

Start of the project: 01-Apr-2022 - End of the project: 31-Jul-2023

The project InWiDeHo aims to examine whether international scientists are faced with obstacles in transitioning from the postdoc phase to permanent employment as a professor at German universities and, if so, which ones. To this end, international junior researchers and newly appointed professors will be interviewed in the framework of a qualitative study. Subsequently, surveys will be conducted at German universities to determine which organizational objectives and measures can help to reduce these hurdles. The results will be used to derive recommendations for action to promote the retention of international scientists in Germany and, in particular, to increase the proportion of international professors at German universities.

Contact person

Susanne Jaudzims
Dr. Susanne Jaudzims +49 511 450670-377


Frank Dölle Dr. Axel Oberschelp

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Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

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