Capacity Building for a European Graduate Tracking Initiative

Start of the project: 15-Jun-2020 - End of the project: 15-Jun-2022

The project aims at improving the capacities of EU and EEA countries to participate in a forthcoming European Graduate Tracking Initiative. European countries diverge strongly in their prerequisites to participate in such an initiative. At this background, the project serves to prepare a full roll out of a tracking study among Europe’s higher education graduates. The project is part of a larger action schedule of the European Commission to improve tracking graduates in Europe. This action schedule encompasses the EUROGRADUATE pilot survey and the European Commission expert group on graduate tracking which prepares recommendations for a European graduate tracking. Building on these activities, a consortium of Ecorys (Coordination, Belgium and UK), 3s (Austria) and DZHW have been commissioned by the EC to conduct the project.

Lead Researcher

Sandra Buchholz
Prof. Dr. Sandra Buchholz Lead Researcher +49 511 450670-176
Kai Mühleck
Dr. Kai Mühleck Lead Researcher +49 511 450670-156

External Contact

Tim Fox, Ecorys UK

Funded by

European Commission, DG Education and Culture


European Commission, DG Education and Culture

In cooperation with

3s Ecorys UK