Colleges of Music Benchmarking Club

Start of the project: 01-Nov-2011

Seven to eight colleges of music participate at any one time in the Colleges of Music Benchmarking Club that was set up in 2011. The Club aims to provide solutions for relevant strategic issues through systematic comparison and continuous exchange. Over this period, there has been some variation in membership; currently the following universities and colleges of music are involved:

  • Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin
  • Detmold University of Music
  • Folkwang University of the Arts Essen
  • Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts
  • Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media
  • Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (Cologne)
  • University of Music and Theatre “Felix Mendelsohn Bartholdy” Leipzig

The higher education institutions involved hold a series of workshops to cover relevant topic fields through systematic comparison. In addition to the university chancellors, representatives from the artistic/academic side and from the administration are involved to ensure the inclusion of a wide range of views. The expressed aim is to apply the findings gained in the workshop in the colleges’ actual practice, thus achieving sustainable improvements in their steering processes.

Focus topics so far have included Quality Management, Part-time Teaching, Appointment Procedures, Applications and Admissions, and Events. The workshops examine the special features of each college of music and the specific impact on profiling and quality development at the colleges. The workshop series 2013 on appointments procedures produced a paper of recommendations on carrying out appointment procedures at colleges of music.

The project will continue with the next topic to be covered: budgeting at universities and colleges of music.

The DZHW’s research unit Indicator Systems and Resources collaborates with the HIS Institut für Hochschulentwicklung e.V. (HIS-HE) to provide support in preparing methodology and content for the Benchmarking Club.

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Erfolgreich mit- und voneinander lernen im Benchmarking-Club Musikhochschulen.

Dölle, F., Völz, H.-J., & Müller, J. (2020).
Erfolgreich mit- und voneinander lernen im Benchmarking-Club Musikhochschulen. Magazin für Hochschulentwicklung 2|2020: Benchmarking; HIS-HE; Hannover; S. 18-19.

Contact person

Frank Dölle
Frank Dölle +49 511 450670-349