Junior research groups and research clusters

Junior research groups

DZHW supports young scientists by setting up junior research groups that work independently to address research issues in the topic area of higher education research and science studies. The junior research groups take an interdisciplinary approach and aim to enable group members to gain further academic qualifications. The groups are headed by doctorate holders who define a thematic research focus topic for their group. The group leaders are selected through a competitive procedure.

Research clusters

DZHW's research clusters work on current interdisciplinary issues in higher education research and science studies. The researchers examine cluster topics cross-departmentally from a range of viewpoints and disciplines. In that sense, the research clusters operate "across" the vertical structures of DZHW's four research areas. The clusters design their work programme autonomously and invite external experts to participate e.g. in workshops to promote exchange of expertise. Currently, the following research clusters are operating within DZHW:

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