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Study quality monitor

ProjektlogoThe annual Study Quality Monitor (SQM) has examined the quality of academic programmes and study conditions at German higher education institutions (HEIs) from the students’ point of view each year since 2007. The German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) in Hanover and the Research Group on Higher Education at the University of Konstanz collaborate to carry out the nationwide representative online survey. The annual survey cycle makes it possible to trace changes to study conditions at the HEIs which emerge, for example, from structural changes to the higher education system (e.g. the academic structure reform) or other reform measures at federal or HEI level.

The findings for each of the participating HEIs are issued exclusively to that institution each year, while the comparative figures for the whole of Germany are passed to all the HEIs, enabling each institution to carry out its own evaluations and internal quality management.

The HEIs' academic quality is determined using tried-and-tested questions and indicators via an online questionnaire. The survey instrument is regularly adjusted in terms of content and methodology, so adapting it to the current conditions at the HEIs.


* = with peer review

  • Multrus, F., & Willige, J. (2017).
    Der Studienqualitätsmonitor. Konzeption und theoretische Grundlagen. Hefte zur Bildungs- und Hochschulforschung. Heft 94. Konstanz: Universität Konstanz Arbeitsgruppe Hochschulforschung.
  • Grützmacher, J., & Willige, J. (2016).
    Die Studieneingangsphase aus Studierendensicht. Ergebnisse aus dem Studienqualitätsmonitor 2015. Hannover: DZHW.
  • Willige, J. (2015).
    Studienqualitätsmonitor 2014. Studienqualität und Studienbedingungen an deutschen Hochschulen. (DZHW: Projektbericht Dezember 2015). Hannover: DZHW.

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* = with peer review

  • Grützmacher, J. ( 2017, März).
    Der Studienqualitätsmonitor als bundesweites Erhebungsinstrument für Studienqualität und Studienbedingungen. Vortrag auf dem DGB-Workshop "Wann ist ein Studium ein Gutes Studium?", Ruhr-Universität Bochum .

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Press release:

Studienqualitätsmonitor 2016 startet: Wie zufrieden sind Studierende mit den Studienbedingungen an ihrer Hochschule? (20.6.2016)

In cooperation with:
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Start of the project: 01-Mar-2007
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