Call for Papers: 6th Forum “Higher Education and the Labour Market” (HELM)


of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) and the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) with a special focus on “The Bologna Process After 25 Years: Continuities, Changes, and Evaluations”.

Date: June 19 – 20, 2024; Location: Leibnizhaus, Holzmarkt 4-6, 30159 Hanover, Germany

The HELM conference combines contributions with a general perspective on ‘Higher Education and the Labour Market’, for example, on returns to tertiary education, dropout, or graduate placement in the labour market, with contributions on alternating focus topics. This year’s focus topic commemorates the signing of the Bologna Declaration on June 19, 1999, which initiated one of the most far-reaching reform processes in European Higher Education. The reform was accompanied by e.g. improvements in comparability and mutual recognition of degrees and study credits, easier mobility of students, and the harmonisation of study structures, which for many countries implied the introduction of a two-cycle system (BA/MA). We, therefore, welcome contributions that bring together experiences and research results on different aspects of the Bologna reform process.

We welcome empirical contributions on the focus topic, as well as on general topics from various disciplines, particularly from economics, social sciences, and educational sciences. Please submit a short abstract (max. 500 words) by April 8, 2024 to

Keynote Speakers
Nikki Shure (University College London) and Stephan Thomsen (University of Hanover)

Scientific Committee
Silke Anger (IAB & Univ. of Bamberg), Sandra Buchholz (DZHW & Univ. of Hanover), Bernhard Christoph (IAB), Anja Gottburgsen (DZHW), Monika Jungbauer-Gans (DZHW & Univ. of Hanover), Jessica Ordemann (DZHW), Frauke Peter (DZHW) and Malte Sandner (TH Nuremberg & IAB)

Call for Papers


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