Good scientific practice

The DZHW's predecessor company, the HIS Hochschul-Informations-System GmbH, adopted the principles for ensuring good scientific practice in 2008. They are based on the proposals published in January 1998 by the German Research Foundation (DFG)'s committee on self-regulation in science (Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice). In preparing, adopting and implementing these principles, the DZHW pursues two linked objectives: preventing scientific misconduct and promoting the quality of scientific work.

Principles of good scientific practice (in German)

Further Information

DFG-Memorandum "Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice"

DFG-Verfahrensleitfaden zur Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis (in German)

Empfehlungen des Wissenschaftsrats zu wissenschaftlicher Integrität (in German)


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