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Determinants and career effects of scientists' international mobility (SciMo)

The SciMo project aims to identify factors that influence researchers' international mobility, and the positive or negative effects international mobility has on their careers. It also focuses on the issue of how far possible career effects of different types of international mobility depend on physically crossing borders or whether they can be substituted by forms of virtual mobility.

The study's theoretical framework is derived from sociological life course research. Elements of related theories are integrated into this framework in order to identify mechanisms that can explain the predictions of the life course perspective in detail.

The study uses a multi-method approach: first, we conduct a literature review and a document analysis to clarify core terminology and to systematise existing research. Next, we carry out statistical analyses of national and international survey data. These analyses are supplemented with bibliometric analyses and CV analyses. To validate the findings, we carry out a factorial survey with members of appointments and selection committees at higher education institutions and funding organisations. We aim to fill any remaining information gaps by qualitative interviews, which will be explorative initially and hypothesis-based in the course of the study.


* = with peer review

  • Netz, N., & Jaksztat, S. (2017).
    Explaining scientists' plans for international mobility from a life course perspective. Research in Higher Education, 58(5), 497-519. *
    doi: 10.1007/s11162-016-9438-7 | Download


* = with peer review

  • Netz, N. ( 2018, Februar).
    Determinanten und Effekte von Wissenschaftlermobilität. Vortrag beim II. Hildesheimer Dialog "Going international - Internationalisierung und Mobilität in Wissenschaftskarrieren", Stiftung Universität Hildesheim.
  • Aman, V. ( 2017, Dezember).
    Bibliometrische Methoden für das Studium des Einflusses internationaler Mobilität auf den Wissenstransfer. Vortrag im Forschungskolloquium „Technik -und Innovationsforschung“ an der TU Berlin.
  • Netz, N. ( 2017, November).
    Welche Effekte hat internationale Mobilität auf die Karrieren von Wissenschaftler*innen? Impulsreferat auf der Jahrestagung des Österreichischen Austauschdienstes (OeAD) "Internationale Mobilität und Qualität - Trends, Facetten, Herausforderungen", Universität Salzburg.

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Funded by:
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Start of the project: 01-Mar-2016
End of the project: 28-Feb-2019
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