Call for Papers - deadline extended to 11 July 2022


4th Forum „Higher Education and the Labour Market“ (HELM)

of the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) and the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW) with a special focus on
“Empirical perspectives on students’ experiences during the corona pandemic”

Date: October 06-07, 2022; Location: Online Conference

Aims and Topics
The Covid-19 pandemic has changed higher education in numerous ways. Not only do faculties face new challenges, but the pandemic also affected various aspects of students' academic and social life. Among these are:

  • University entrance: Study decisions may have changed under pandemic conditions with respect to both take-up of university studies and subject choice. Moreover, starting at the university may involve particular obstacles during a pandemic.
  • Social and academic integration: During times of distance learning, students have fewer opportunities to interact face to face with fellow students and academic staff. The more demanding communication and lack of exchange may hamper integration.
  • Study processes: The participation in courses and learning have become more isolated, which may impede many learning formats such as study groups. Students’ and universities’ strategies to meet these challenges—and their success—are of particular interest.
  • Students’ employment and financial situation: Students were among the first to lose their jobs at the beginning of the pandemic. As many students rely on jobs to finance their education, they may suffer consequences for their grades and ultimately for study success.
  • Career counselling: The pandemic may have affected not only career guidance before starting university but also counselling services at universities. Both the administration and format of counselling as well as its contents may have been adjusted.
  • Labour market entry: The prospects for entering the labour market after graduation may have changed. The pandemic may have increased employers’ demand for certain subjects and decreased the demand for others, thus affecting graduates’ labour market positions.

Moreover, the conference offers sessions with a more general perspective on “Higher Education and the Labour Market”, for example on returns to tertiary education, university dropout, graduates’ placement on the labour market, and regional mobility of graduates.

Keynote Speakers

Prof. David A. Jaeger, Ph.D. (University of St Andrews)

Prof. Núria Rodríguez-Planas, Ph.D. (City University of New York, Queens College)


We welcome empirical contributions on the general topics as well as on the focus topic from various disciplines, particularly from Economics, Social Sciences, and Educational Sciences. Please submit a short outline (max. 500 words) by 11 July 2022 to

Scientific Committee

Monika Jungbauer Gans (DZHW & University of Hanover), Silke Anger (IAB & University of Bamberg), Anja Gottburgsen (DZHW), Markus Nagler (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg), Nancy Kracke (DZHW), Bernhard Christoph (IAB), Jessica Ordemann (DZHW), Alexander Patzina (IAB & University of Bamberg)

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