Madeleine Siegel

Madeleine Siegel

Research area Research System and Science Dynamics
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Madeleine Siegel earned her B.A. in Social Sciences from Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and is currently finishing her M.A. in that discipline. During her recent studies, she has worked consecutively on a project basis for “Nicht-traditionelle Studierende” at the department for Higher Education Research at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (2014-2015), “ProFile”, the doctoral candidates and doctorate holders panel at iFQ (2015-2016) and “N.O.R.D.“ at the department for Skill Formation and Labor Markets at the Berlin Social Science Center (2016-2017). Since July 2018, she has been working as a project assistant for the National Academics Panel Study (Nacaps), for which she had previously worked as a student employee.

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National Academics Panel Study (NACAPS)