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Q-CoFa – Quality in Core Facilities
RISIS – Research Infrastructure for Science and Innovation Policy Studies
Science Diplomacy
Sectoral and Institutional Nowcast for Bibliometric Impact Indicators (SINBRI)
Humanities, Cultural Studies, Social Sciences and Professional Practice in Graduate Education



Stefan Hornbostel
Prof. Dr. Stefan Hornbostel Head +49 30 2064177-0
Sophie Biesenbender (geb. Schmitt)
Dr. Sophie Biesenbender (geb. Schmitt) Deputy Head +49 30 2064177-37
Clemens Blümel
Clemens Blümel Deputy Head +49 30 2064177-31
Torger Möller
Dr. Torger Möller Deputy Head +49 30 2064177-30
Stephan Stahlschmidt
Dr. Stephan Stahlschmidt Deputy Head +49 30 2064177-18


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