Permeability between university and vocational education and training

Focus on continuing vocational training

Start of the project: 01-Jul-2018 - End of the project: 31-Mar-2019

The ongoing discourse about permeability between university and vocational education so far has barely addressed central questions with regard to continuing vocational training.

The research project addresses this gap with special emphasis on commercial and technical qualifications. The project focuses on meta-analyses of scientific results and findings:

  • on the relationship between continuing vocational training and higher education programs
  • on the importance of hybrid training and study programs
  • on the connectivity of continuing vocational training to study programs
  • on the structural permeability between university and continuing vocational training.

For this purpose, the project conducts document analyses and examines secondary higher education data.

Lead Researcher

Walburga Katharina Freitag
Dr. Walburga Katharina Freitag Lead Researcher +49 511 450670-392


Jonas Koopmann

Press contact

Daniel Matthes
Daniel Matthes +49 511 450670-532
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