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Projects – Current

Projects – Current



Social and economic conditions of student life in Europe

The EUROSTUDENT project is an international survey project that has been collecting data on the social and economic conditions of student life in Europe since 1994. The EUROSTUDENT dataset covers all important aspects of student life: access to higher education, students’ demographic and educational background, types and modes of study, time budget and employment, students’ income and expenditure, types of housing, and international mobility.

The project is characterised by a de-centralised network structure, with involvement by European researchers and policy-makers active in the field of higher education. National surveys carried out and financed by the participating countries provide the basis for the comparative analysis of the social and economic conditions of higher education students in the European Higher Education Area. Each participant country is responsible for conducting a national study according to the central EUROSTUDENT conventions. EUROSTUDENT provides a central core questionnaire as well as several handbooks detailing standards for data collection, calculation and delivery. The national surveys - in Germany the German Social Survey (Sozialerhebung) - then deliver data to the EUROSTUDENT aggregate database.

EUROSTUDENT participant countries can use the results to reflect on the social dimension of higher education, thus (re-)evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of their own systems. EUROSTUDENT strives to inspire discussions, exchange and research on higher education policy.

The EUROSTUDENT project goals are:

  • To provide a broad, policy-relevant cross-country comparison of data on the social dimension of European higher education.
  • To assist in capacity-building in order to establish policy-relevant and robust national monitoring structures for the social dimension of higher education.
  • To support countries in their efforts to use the insights from the international comparison to review and improve the social dimension of higher education in their country.

The project is jointly conducted by an international consortium made up of seven organisations from different European countries, led by the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW). An international Steering Board representing stakeholders, policy-makers and participant countries provides advice to the project and monitors its progress.

The project website provides up-to-date information on project activities.

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* = with peer review

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    Order publication | Download
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