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Aktuelles – Meldungen


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21st Social Survey: The summary is available in English now


The English summary of the 21st Social Survey of the German Student Union, carried out by DZHW, is available for download.

The document is available at the website of the project. There are also the English summaries since the 16th Social Survey, done in 2000, and a variety of further project documents, data, and information available.

The German main report and the German summary of the most recent 21st Social Survey were published in June 2017. Both documents contain many findings on the core themes of the Social Survey, such as, socio-demographic profile and educational background of the students, characteristics of their university entrance and course of study including foreign mobility, study financing, and funding, time budget and student employment, housing situation, on-campus gastronomy and student nutrition, as well as, information and consultation needs.

Main report and summary are also available as barrier-free versions.

By the way, the social survey is the German contribution to EUROSTUDENT. This European comparative study on the social situation of students involves 28 countries.

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